Digital marketing is one of the terms, that is referred to that process of marketing products and services which uses digital media for reaching out to the customers. Main objective of marketing digitally always has been promotion of services through various digital media forms. It includes extensive array of services, tactics of brand marketing and products, under…


SEO is hugely relevant still despite the changing times. for starters, increase in the activity of social media and marketing through social media have lessened needs for skills of SEO for especially those that possess biggest budgets on advertising. Statistics in the current times are putting forward that consumers have been found to search online, much…


SMO or optimization of social media is social activity method which attracts the visitors to any website through a search rank that is elevated. It has proven that there is science in the social media just like SEO or optimization of search engines. SMO is nothing but that perfect alliance that exists between social media and optimization of social media. It is utilized for increasing the…

Website Designing

Just within five seconds after landing on the website of yours, can the visitors make out as to what your enterprise popular for? Could users navigate easily to blogs whenever they needed to? Is your web layout of pricing comprehensible enough? Do you possess a high rate of bounce? If answers to all the questions asked is “no” then it is high time you had a look…

WordPress Development

Websites are the primary communication windows and there is full truth to that. From brand promotions to information dissemination as well as real transactions happen through the company’s portals hence services of web development have increasing significance. One of the main aspects of it has to be development of web by using systems of content…

Graphics Designing

Pictures are known to speak thousand words and rightfully having said that, communication is vital for any enterprise. If the audience or the potential client of yours never understands the business of your company, this might fail generating leads. It will also lead to declining growth and not driving it. There certainly exist various other ways to convey…



I got to know about the skills of Naina Thakur as someone was searching for oasis in the desert. Yes I tried many before her but I was never happy with their work but when she did my pediatric clinic work... It was amazing experience, she totally know what a client wants.. Her skills are superb.. We are happy to be associated with Naina Thakur.. Strongly recommended.
Dr.Navita Sharma
Director at Twinkles Pediatric and Multispeciality Dental Clinic
Our experiences with Naina Thakur have been top-notch and extremely professional. Her expertise have been invaluable for our organization.The results have been impressive, with attention grabbing graphics and strong messaging. I would highly recommend Naina Thakur for Advertising to any marketing person who is looking for inspirational design work, Digital Marketing & Advertising which would enhance their company's image.
Kavita Solanki
Master Artist
Unique Eyebrows
I will like to thank Naina Thakur for creating a wonderful website for me and bringing all my imaginations about my site into a functioning platform. She is very creative, understanding and most importantly very punctual about delivering her work. I will highly recommend her to everyone.
Dr.Ashish Tomar
Consultant Orthopaedics at(Minimal invasive and endoscopic spine surgeon) Sarvodaya Hospital.